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Best Forex Robots 2020

For a long period, we professionally research the Forex automated trading market. Over the years, we have gained experience that we systematically share with you in our reviews. Choosing an EA is a very important procedure, as it involves using it on a real account in order to make money. In the table, we have put together the ratings and results of the best trading robots performing.


Rank Robot Deposit Leverage Gain Monthly Daily Drawdown Trades Pf Days Сhart Acc. type
1 $1000000 Any +371% 8.11% 0.26% 0.35% 125263 5.5 590 Real
2 Review $5000 1:100 +144.5% 10.52% 0.33% 12.62% 810 99.47 467 Demo
3 Review $100 1:200 +157.11% 11.90% 0.37% 8.96% 556 2.18 677 Real
4 Review $5000 1:400 +218.22% 34.34% 0.99% 25.94% 4561 1.81 120 Demo
5 Review $2000 1:400 +2135% 7.17% 0.23% 21.88% 514 1.74 1363 Real
6 Review $500 1:500 +1935.66% 6.99% 0.23% 21.47% 1603 2.68 1338 Real
7 Review $2100 1:500 +428.96% 10.32% 0.33% 24.49% 305 3.86 542 Real
8 Review $1000 Any +548.55% 9.17% 0.28% 38.84% 90 4.98 660 Real
9 Review $1000 Any +365.69% 6.50% 0.21% 37.23% 302 1.77 748 Real
10 Review $19653.93 1:100 +1236.1% 16.6% 0.73% 20% 51 2.21 496 Real
11 Review $866.10 1:500 +161.38% 4.14% 0.14% 18.25% 1741 1.23 712 Real
12 Review $1124.97 1:200 +361.59% 131.19% 0.17% 42.93% 205 2.32 896 Real
13 Review €2210 1:200 +202% 3.57% 0.12% 29.27% 1810 1.54 885 Real

Each experienced Forex trader has gone through a long phase of formation, ups, and downs. Many of them nulled their accounts several times while learning to trade. All this time, traders had to analyze the history of trades, follow the news, and trades on their own so on day after day. With the advent of trading robots, many of these routine functions were taken over by them.

The robot is a fully automatic program and doesn’t require you present. This allows beginners to start trading forex immediately after the deployment of the program and does not require previous experience. This is a great advantage for those who want to try their hand at Forex trading.

The robot provides work in a fully automatic mode, giving a stable passive income. At the same time, its owner can control all its aspects of the activity, configure it at its discretion, control the current trading process from market analysis, to entering and exiting a position.

Robots are usually developed based on some strategies that have already brought substantial profit to their owners. By applying them at the core of the robot, devs thus allow you to get your profit too. A feature of some robots is that developers maintain the availability of analysis of the history of trading operations so that traders can use this data to improve their own strategies.

  • Knowledge-free to start earning money on Forex
  • Fully-automated trading, without needing of understanding performing processes
  • Usually, the seller provides back-tests and shows a robot perform on a real or demo account
  • 30(60)-days money-back guarantee is an option from many sellers.
  • Completely removes influence of the emotional statements during trading
  • A robot can run on many accounts, as well as, trade effectively many currency pairs at the same time
  • It can perform 24/7 giving you opportunities to spend your time whatever you want
  • Free-trial a robot for applying it on the demo account is also quite often option
  • You know the strongest sides of a robot you chose, so you can easily improve your own strategy.
  • You can easily compare the official robot performing with the performing of your copy, so you’ll be able to simply find out when your robot becomes a scam.
  • Running a robot on your PC is required to be online 24/7 and get a stable connection.
  • There’s high enough chance to get a scam instead of a trading assistant.
  • Price varies depending on futures, patterns, amount of currency pairs, etc.
  • 30(60)-days money-back guarantee is an option from many sellers.
  • Sometimes, there’s a high level of the min account balance for smooth trading with low risks.

here are some functions which are applied in almost every good trading robot:

The forex robot is usually designed with the settings that are responsible for managing current trading transactions. These are the following functions: hard stop loss, trailing stop loss, and take profit features. Both experienced traders and beginners should take into account that without these functions, they will not receive full-fledged automated trading.

A developed set of patterns that include not only the parameters of the trade but also the specified criteria for market analysis. Thanks to this system, the robot is able to independently decide on the selection of the most successful entry and exit points. Typically, the robot is programmed to use technical analysis and indicators: order flow, support and resistance levels, and RSI or MACD.

Najlepsi brokerzy opcji binarnych 2021:
  • EvoTrade

    Lider rynku opcji binarnych!

  • NSBroker

    FOREX i CFD!


    1 miejsce w rankingu! Najlepszy wybor dla poczatkujacego!
    Bezplatne konto szkoleniowe i demo!
    Bonus za rejestracje!


    Uczciwy i niezawodny broker! Dobre recenzje!

With automated trading, a lot depends on how accurate and fast the robot is in making decisions. The EA must provide its owner with timely entry and exit points from transactions, which in turn should significantly increase the profitability of its work. The ability to enter a deal at the lowest point and exit it at the peak distinguishes a good robot from a bad one.

Top 10 Bitcoin Robots for May, 2020

The Cryptocurrency Market Never Closes and Never Sleeps – Join the Bitcoin Traders Club!

Select an Auto-trading Bitcoin Software for Maximum results!

*The below table is updated real-time according to the best trading performance for the last 7 days.

Approved by Experts Easy to Use All Cryptos Available Read Review
5.0 /5 Visit Site
Friendly Platform High Trust Score Fast Withdrawals Read Review 5.0 /5 Visit Site
Fast Withdrawals Innovative Software Safe Trading Read Review 5.0 /5 Visit Site
4 Trusted System Innovative Software Safe Trading Read Review 4.9 /5 Visit Site
5 Innovative Software High Trust Score User-Friendly Read Review 4.9 /5 Visit Site
6 All Cryptos Available Fast Withdrawals High Trust Score Read Review 4.8 /5 Visit Site
7 Approved by Experts Easy to Use Safe Software Read Review 4.8 /5 Visit Site
8 Safe Trading Free Registration User Friendly Platform Read Review 4.8 /5 Visit Site
9 User-Friendly Safe Software Free Registration Read Review 4.7 /5 Visit Site
10 Trusted System Fast Withdrawals Optimized Platform Read Review 4.7 /5 Visit Site

Introducing you to the World of Bitcoins

In an era where everything is being digitized, it is only natural that people prefer digital payments. In the conventional sense, digital payments involve the digital transfer of funds from one account to another.

The FIAT currency system is a legally accepted system that is used predominantly in the world. This was introduced and accepted widely as the mode of payment while there are different currency exchanges within this system.

Traditional digital payments simply move this FIAT money from one account to another.

Then came cryptocurrencies! Making use of the concept of Blockchain at the crux cryptocurrencies are digital currencies.

This is a new currency system like the FIAT currency system, only that everything is digital. Instead of viewing it as a replacement for the FIAT system people have started looking at it as a potential way to complement the FIAT currencies.

When we talk about cryptocurrencies in general Bitcoins are the most popular cryptocurrencies you should know about. There have been numerous other cryptocurrencies introduced in the market.

Being the very first cryptocurrency that was ever used in the market, it is only natural that there are many who still favor the Bitcoins.

How to Choose a Reliable Bitcoin Robot?

The rise of Bitcoin gave way to the creation of exchanges and investment platforms because cryptocurrencies quickly became viewed as assets good for trading and profiting.

That being said, it’s become increasingly difficult to find the best robot that can help you join that trading craze. It requires tons of research and effort to carefully select the proper systems and tools. The ones that will truly help you assert yourself as a trader, regardless of your previous experience.

This is the first thing to look for in investment platforms – to be user-friendly. The Bitcoin Loophole, for example, has been admittedly one of the most user-friendly investment systems.

This doesn’t mean that its biggest competitors are not following closely. For example, Bitcoin Profit and the other big name of the industry – the Bitcoin Code, have all made a name for themselves, for being users’ top choice.

Being user-friendly is not the only thing these top crypto bots have in common. They’ve made their place among the best because of the superior technology used to help them run, and the proven results they can generate.

Even if you don’t have enough knowledge or you lack previous experience, such crypto bots will help you achieve your investment goals. So if you’re looking for a partner for cryptocurrency investments, you have your options.

Answering The Question ‘What Is A Bitcoin’ For The Absolute Beginners

Bitcoin is a digital token, a form of electronic cash that can be used as the conventional FIAT currencies. This can be used to make transactions like purchases or even to carry out trading. There are no central governing exchanges involved. The digital tokens here are sent from the sender directly to the receiver.

With your FIAT currency, you have bank accounts to hold your money and your wallet to hold what you withdraw. What do you do and how do you store your Bitcoins? This is where the cryptocurrency wallet comes into the picture.

A cryptocurrency wallet is simply a digital wallet where you can store all your cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. There are various types of wallets like mobile wallets, online wallets, hardware wallets, a desktop wallet, and a paper wallet.

These allow you to store different cryptocurrencies and secure them with a password or other authentication process. These allow you to store and access as well as execute transactions with your cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins in this case.

When we say that your Bitcoins are stored in a wallet there are not real assets being stored. The virtual addresses that denote your Bitcoins would be stored. As this whole system works on the concept of Blockchain there are individual blocks added to the chain for every transaction that happens.

So checking the trail gives a gist of the entire history of transactions. No one can meddle with the chain or remove a block. Only new blocks can be added. There is a public key and a private key that is linked with the wallet or your cryptocurrency account. The private key is something that only you would know. Securing that private key secures your crypto assets.

A Brief History of How It All Began

Hearing the story about the origins of Bitcoins would simply put you in awe. Did you know that the authenticity of the true identity of Bitcoin creator still remains an unsolved mystery?

A paper titled ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’, by Satoshi Nakamoto was published in the year 2008. This proposed a method of carrying out financial transactions in a peer to peer mode using electronic cash.

The method was proposed so as to make transactions quicker and to reduce the need for middlemen in transactions.

Mining and transactions using Bitcoins first started on a public level in the year 2009. This was how Bitcoin was introduced and the rest is history!

Where can you find Bitcoins?

The one main question that most people who start exploring Bitcoins have on their mind is ‘Where should I begin?’. That’s right if there is no central authority that deals with Bitcoins where do you find them?

There are many reliable cryptocurrency exchanges that operate all over the world. Look for an exchange that allows you to buy Bitcoins for FIAT currencies. (There are some which only allow cryptocurrency payments for other cryptocurrency purchases) Buying from a reputed exchange is the safest way to accumulate Bitcoins. It is also a very straightforward process.

  • Bitcoin ATMs (BATM)

There are kiosks located in various places to deliver Bitcoins. You can convert your FIAT currency to Bitcoins in these kiosks. You would be able to directly deposit cash or even carry out a digital fund transfer to make a payment.

This is the other most popular method of earning Bitcoins. Bitcoins are digital tokens. There are some online sources that reward you with Bitcoins for carrying out small tasks. There are also mining algorithms that can help you look for various sources. Mining for Bitcoins can be slightly more tedious than the other methods.

But if you wish to start with zero investment and start developing a stable Bitcoin wealth then this is your best bet. There are Bitcoin faucets which are free sources of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin for Transactions

Bitcoin transactions are very interesting to study. When there is tangible money or a reserve like a bank account that holds the money, only people with access to it can spend it. But when it is all in the air, like in the case of Bitcoins where nothing is on paper, how do you track transactions?

Once you initiate a payment the validity of the chain would be verified. This step happens so as to ensure that you are paying with Bitcoins that have not been used already. Remember that the chain holds the entire history of everything that happens with the Bitcoins! Once your payment request is found to be an authentic one, a block is created to be added to the chain.

There is a hash of the preceding blocks in each of the added blocks. This is how continuity is maintained. Therefore for anyone to tap into the system or steal Bitcoins the chain should be compromised.

The block links should be broken which is quite close to impossible, especially as the chain gets bigger. Bitcoins have been around for a while now. This makes them feel more secure to transact with.

Bitcoin for Trading

Trading in cryptocurrencies takes place on similar lines like trading in FIAT currencies. In the case of financial currencies, there are indices against which the value of a given currency is determined.

You would then be trading on various currency pairs. The performance of the currency determines the type of profits or losses you make. With the cryptocurrency or Bitcoin trading, the concept is even simpler.

The value of Bitcoin at any given point, and it’s past and future change in value influence your trading performance. You buy Bitcoins. You then wait for the value of Bitcoins to increase and allow a profit margin.

You then sell your Bitcoins for a price higher than the amount you had spent while buying it. This is how you reap your profits.

People who had invested even a small amount say a few hundred dollars in Bitcoin way back when it was introduced have become millionaires. This is owing to the rapid multiplication in the value of Bitcoins.

Today some say that Bitcoin value is a bubble that is likely to burst at any time. Some believe that it has already grown and reached saturation. Some feel that there is still hope for Bitcoin investors. Leaving aside the market performance, cryptocurrencies are slowly catching up as transaction instruments.

There are various places where you can make online payments with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one of the most widely accepted cryptocurrency. Therefore buying a Bitcoin is still a good decision.

Why Should You Use Bitcoins?

Whenever the demand and supply are not balanced there is always some form of activity that takes place. There is an ever-growing demand for Bitcoins but the supply is still scarce. Therefore there is still scope for an increase in the value.

Remember that Bitcoin spending and trading is not just another fad you can brush aside. It is a gold mine that many are exploring already. Consider including a part of your investment in the cryptocurrency sphere as well. Bitcoins have already made it big. So if you choose to invest in Bitcoins now, when the field gets more competitive, you would not be lagging.

What Is Auto-Trading?

Auto-trading has been devised to make it easier for ordinary people to gain access to the lucrative investment field. It is a type of trading carried out with sophisticated programs. Buy and Sell trades are made automatically through an underlying algorithm.

Known also as algorithmic trading, automated investments are carried out using robots. These robots have powerful codes that can make forecasts about assets’ values and make decisions accordingly. Robots reduce to a minimum the margin of error that comes with human emotions and give you a hands-free experience.

With autotrading, you are able to capitalize on market opportunities and profit in real-time. But for that, you will need a reliable partner and not a scam robot. Our team of testers and traders constantly researches new trading bots to provide you with up-to-date info about their current performance and reliability.

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Up until recently the majority of binary trading platforms we reviewed used to claim that they trade using cryptocurrencies. Many of these platforms or brokers were very well known and advertised that traders could use bitcoin, but those were all proven to be scams.

This is precisely why we were very skeptical about the Crypto Robot 365’s so-called scam free system when we first heard about it. The claim made by Crypto Robot 365 is that the software specializes in helping traders not just trade with Bitcoin but also many other compatible cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, Monero, and Litecoin.

Anyone who has been following the cryptocurrency markets will already be aware that these currencies are somewhat stable, but have increased exponentially in value as of late. Crypto Robot 365 rightly states that a mere $10k investment in the then fledgling Bitcoin just five years ago would have made the investor a millionaire.

Though is it really the case that a binary options trading system can end up delivering these types of results? You will find the answer to this question at the end of our exhaustive review.

Is Crypto Robot 365 a legit trading software or a scam?

Anyone who has some experience following the cryptocurrency markets may be aware that it has somewhat stabilized over the years. While the value of the currency has risen, something that is mentioned on the Crypto Robot 365 website along with an example of an investment that would have turned the average person into a millionaire.

The trading platform is modern, and with a minimalist design

Though the question is that does using a platform like the one they are trying to promote help you make millions? At first, you’ll probably see that the software works like many other binary options trading services.

Clients are required to deposit at least $250 and are then connected to the broker who will manage their investments detected by the application. Users will probably think that the entire system is fully automated which is something that we don’t really look upon as being favorable to traders.

The reason behind it is that the vast majority of these so-called automated trading apps are scams. Though we’d admit that there are instances of a few very well performing legit signals services too. Thus, our job here is to determine precisely if the website and service is just another scam peddling false promises or does it really work?

Can you make amazing profits with Crypto Robot 365?

Let us start by stating the obvious, i.e., trading cryptocurrencies is volatile, to say the least. We credit the guys behind the service who openly state that trading cryptocurrencies are not a good choice for someone with a small budget looking to make a steady stream of profits.

It is more of a trading app that’s meant for speculative investors who want to bet on their hunch and then generate huge profits when they get it right. At first, even we were skeptical, and so we started with the assumption that it was a scam and worked our way from there. But unlike other binary trading scams, their projected earnings are not outlandish it is based on facts.

Crypto Robot 365 supports many different currencies, and the list keeps growing

The service acknowledges that sometimes earnings will be less, while others it may be more but that’s just the nature of trading. The company makes absolutely no claims as to the overall win ratio which is a good sign because no company can guarantee any trader a win ratio unless of course, they were selling a dream.

Limited Customer Service

We were alarmed by the fact that the only way to contact these people is via email through the Crypto Robot 365 website. Apparently, if you can’t phone or chat with support, there is something fishy going on which is why we decided to contact them further inquiring about a few random things regarding the service.

We were surprised that customer support replied back to our email within just 10 minutes. A guy named David explained how the website operated out of London, UK and because it was still in its infancy they couldn’t yet implement comprehensive support services. However, those are in the pipeline for now.

David further explained in his email that once a trader is registered, they can start dealing directly with a broker assigned to them. All brokers are experts and not just specific to cryptocurrencies. So, they know a lot about binary options trading. Earnings are released at whenever the trader wants and lands in the bank account within a few days.

The main advantages of Crypto Robot 365’s Trading Tools

So, far we are pretty impressed with the opportunity that Crypto Robot 365 offers investors. Getting involved now can prove to be highly lucrative as cryptocurrency adoption rates are on the rise. While a year or so back some investors thought that it was nothing but a fad, but the early adopters ended up making a fortune from Bitcoin.

Today, using binary trading methods may still prove to be one of the best ways that people can use to make money. It’s also an ideal method for those who have missed the boat on the currency.

Who developed the Crypto Robot 365 App?

The platform is also available on tablets and on mobile platforms

The website does not mention who created the app though they are certainly evidently obsessed with finding new ways of making money with cryptocurrencies. The company’s boss is a guy named David the same person who perhaps emailed a reply back to us. Other than this information there is nothing else.

Cryptocurrencies by their very nature are meant to be anonymous, but still, there should be more information about the service. That said perhaps this information would soon populate the Crypto Robot 365 review page.

Do we think that this is another scam?

Despite our reservations early on about this broker and its platform we now think that they are legit. They are certainly new to the industry, but there is earning potential to be found. Plus, there are many testimonials which acknowledge that they are making less than $500 a day.

As mentioned above we think that many early adopters will make money using the system. It’s worth mentioning at this point that there are many other review websites who have called out the site which is not our stance in this instance. We are for now giving them the benefit of the doubt until and unless we hear something contrary.

Joining the Crypto Robot 365 system

Traders will need to make a $250 deposit which is a bare minimum industry standard. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, the money will be deposited with a chosen broker. Then just set the app to trade, and that’s all you need to do.

Even though we’d personally lean in favor of a semi-manual software, but then again we haven’t heard of them draining traders’ funds and running away. Since they are based in the UK, there is legal accountability which helps protect investors.

Final Verdict

Crypto Robot 365 is regarded as the first ever cryptocurrency trading robot. It can trade as well as help track the trends of cryptocurrencies which helps produce positive results.

All of this is irrespective of whether the price of a particular currency is rising or falling. We like the fact that it has scores of happy clients.

Start trading now by opening a free DEMO account to Crypto robot 365 by clicking the link below:

Najlepsi brokerzy opcji binarnych 2021:
  • EvoTrade

    Lider rynku opcji binarnych!

  • NSBroker

    FOREX i CFD!


    1 miejsce w rankingu! Najlepszy wybor dla poczatkujacego!
    Bezplatne konto szkoleniowe i demo!
    Bonus za rejestracje!


    Uczciwy i niezawodny broker! Dobre recenzje!

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